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It's a simple philosophy... Provide quality hosting at a price you
can grow with, keep downtime to a minimum, and respond when called.
Our Intel Pentium servers are running the latest versions of Linux and Apache and we've made sure to include all the security features that your sites require.

Technical Specs of the Servers
Pentium based Linux/Apache servers monitored 24/7 in a secure climate controlled east coast data center with smart UPS and backup generators. The connection is on multiple firewalled fast ethernet segments into separate fiber backbone rings providing redundancy and multiple routing options.

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Hosting Services
Virtual Account
$25 monthly includes one domain,
10 gigs of transfer and 100 megs of disk.
Setup & Transfer:  Included  
Email forward / Pop3:  Included
Full CGI Access:  Included
Server Side Includes:  Included
Htaccess Protection:  Included
FP Extensions:  Included
Usage & Referrer Stats:  Included
Extra Domains:  $5 / month  
Extra Disk Space:  $5 / 100 megs
Extra Transfer:  $2.50 - # of gigs
25 gigs:  $2.25 / gig
50 gigs:  $2.00 / gig
100 gigs:  $1.50 / gig
Over 200 gigs:  Dedicated
Virtual Worksheet
Number of
x $25 for 1st domain
$5 each additional
Megs of
x 100 megs included
$5 / 100 megs extra
Gigs of
x 10 gigs included
$2.50 - # of gigs extra

( per gig)

Dedicated Service
For higher usage and security,
we also offer dedicated servers.

Included Features & Services
  • Domain Name Registration Transfer Service.
  • All .com .net .nu .to .cc .uk etc. domains hosted.
  • Site file transfer service for larger directories.
  • Support for .htaccess directory protection.
  • Receive email to any name @yourdomain.

Account Signup
I have Read and Agree to
The Billing and Hosting Policies Below

Billing Policies
  • New Accounts will be billed upon setup for the pro-rated monthly estimate. Accounts not using a credit card may be asked for a deposit to be held in reserve. Payment for new accounts must be received within 5 days of receiving invoice.
  • As a service to existing customers, Add-On accounts will be billed in the next regular billing.
  • Billing will be done by email on the 1st of each month and will include the basic charges as calculated above plus any extra charges from the previous month.
  • If actual transfer usage is substantially higher than estimated, an additonal deposit reserve may be required. Please also notify us if you are expecting a large jump in traffic.
  • Accounts going unpaid after 10 days will be considered 'in-the-red' and will be notified. Accounts going unpaid after 15 days will be suspended until account is paid or arrangements have been made.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate you. Please let us know if there is any additional service we may provide or of any special circumstance we should know about.

Hosting Policies
  • A site engaging in advertising or other solicitations that result in complaints or system attacks is grounds for suspension. This includes unsolicited electronic mail and inapropriate or off-topic newsgroup posting.
  • Please be warned that bulk email through a 3rd party and solicitations where the end-link is on our servers will most likely result in multiple complaints.
  • Account holder understands that this service is for a Virtual Account only and agrees to not use their ip address in any links or postings.
  • Account holders agree to be solely responsible, legally and otherwise, for any material published on sites under their control.
  • Sites posting warez, backdoor links, illegal passwords, underage content, slanderous or hateful messages, and other such nastiness are unwelcome and if discovered will be removed.
  • We will assist a legal entity with reasonable cause including disclosure of any transaction logs, computer files, and account information that may be requested and will abide by authoritative rulings in cases of trademark, copyright, name disputes, and other legal mandates.
  • Any liability for hardware loss will be limited to replacement cost and liability for data loss will be limited to hosting charges paid for given month.
  • Account holder and XciteNet Hosting agree that this contract may be terminated by either party at any time.
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